1. How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping is depended on your country and the type of shipping you choose.
Here are some approximate times of shipping:

        Economic        Priority           EMS
Europe        5-11 days        4-7 days        1-3 days
USA, Canada        13–20 days        6-7 days        3-6 days
Mexico        3 weeks        6-7 days        3-6 days
Africa        16-24 days        6-11 days        3-6 days
Central and South America        14-23 days        7-11 days        3-6 days
Asia        18-21 days        6-14 days        3-6 days
China        11 days        6-9 days        3-6 days
Australia        22 days      10-20 days        3-6 days

The times specified do not include the time needed for customs clearance. We’re not responsible for delays in the shipment but we’ll try to help you in any way possible.

2. What are your return policies?

Please check our Terms and Conditions.